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    You know what makes good copy, but you want more than just good. You blaze trails, you surpass benchmarks and your customers expect the very best. 

    Your commitment to excellence means you need an experienced copywriter who can come on as a trusted partner to help you flush out a proven, customer-centric sales and marketing strategy.

    A talented, AI-trained copywriter with a background in strategic communications, I'll help you build a community of brand advocates that love your company as much as you do. 

    You want sales copy that connects and moves your audience to buy. But you want more than sales ... you want a community of brand evangelists who feel like they belong to your brand and that you belong to them.


    I've worked with entrepreneurs and corporate brands to sell their offers and communicate their value for over 20 years.

    When you hire me, you benefit from my marketing and sales experience working with the best marketing minds in the game (Tom Ford, Christian Louboutin, Michael Kors) and emerging and established global brands.

    As an experienced AI-trained copywriter, I know the way to make a difference is to understand your customers completely. The result? They engage with your offer, buy it, and spread the word.  

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    The truth is, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on funnels, ads, web design, or PM software. Because if you fail to learn everything you can about your customers and use that information to cater to how they make decisions, you’ll fail to increase sales, earn loyalty over competitors and nurture brand evangelists.

    How to Get Customers to Choose You

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    There's no denying it, AI copywriting bots are here to stay. And, you may be surprised to hear that rather than slamming my laptop shut in fear, I'm excited about using ChatGPT to write better copy for my clients. Read about how I'm doing it.

    How I Use ChatGPT to Write Better Copy

    On the blog

    Dr. Marie-Helene Pelletier, PhD, mba, author, keynote speaker, executive coach

    Laura has a remarkable talent for understanding goals and strategies, but what truly sets her apart is her adaptability. She took the time to comprehend my unique needs and tailored her expertise to fit them perfectly. 

    One of Laura's standout qualities is her unwavering commitment to strategic thinking. She meticulously considers how each decision will impact the broader business landscape, ensuring that every step taken is not only well-informed but also geared toward long-term success. Her strategic insights have been invaluable to me.

    What I appreciate most about Laura's services is her ability to deliver concise, actionable plans. She provides a lean, no-nonsense roadmap for achieving your goals within the next six months. No unnecessary fluff, just clear and effective guidance.

    Laura's extensive experience, having worked in both the corporate world and with entrepreneurs, is a testament to her versatility. This unique blend of backgrounds equips her with a multifaceted understanding that few consultants can offer. It's like having the best of both worlds at your disposal.

    professional intuitive strategist, personal transformation thought leader, best-selling author and metaphysical educator

    Laura Gatsos is a phenomenal copywriter.

    When she first came on board she took great care in understanding my mission and brand, and the needs of my audience. Laura has written countless sales pages, emails and landing pages, and our results have been stellar.

    She’s a total pro and communicates daily with the team to ensure she delivers what we need and helps us reach our goals. She cares deeply about our work and has become part of the team. I highly recommend her.

    We LOVE her! 


    The prospect of hiring a copywriter had crossed my mind, but past negative experiences left me hesitant. I had encountered a copywriter who, in my view, had overcharged me for results that fell short of my expectations. I was concerned about the return on investment.

    Laura came highly-recommended by a colleague I trust. Her unwavering praise for Laura's work convinced me to make the connection.

    Laura's exceptional work and ability to grasp my specific needs and audience have truly transformed my content strategy. I no longer scramble to put together a blog post or newsletter and can focus on my clients.

    Her expertise and guidance have not only met but exceeded my expectations. If you're looking for a strategic partner, I highly recommend working with Laura. 


    Laura gave me the freedom to focus on what mattered during my launch.

    She wrote emails that were captivating and included stories that got people reading to the end.

    Laura ‘got’ me. Every time we spoke, her research came through and I trusted her more and more for copy in my business.

    She understood everything I wanted to say and found the right way to write it. With her help, we exceeded our launch goals - it was our biggest launch to date! 

    Karen McCall, creator of moneygrit. & ceo of the financial recovery institute

    I’ve never worked with a copywriter who cared as much as Laura.

    She not only helps us triple our sales goals, she gives me peace of mind. I don't fret about the marketing or spend hours on revisions, which allows me the opportunity to spend my energy envisioning my next steps.

    Her work is so complimentary to my brand. I am confident in the way I’m presenting my business to the world.

    danielle restivo, head of communications, emea, google cloud

    Laura is, simply put, a class act.

    She shows a real passion for her work and I'm always impressed by Laura's work ethic, positive attitude and drive for excellence.

    I hope I am lucky enough to work with her again in future.


    I trust Laura Gatsos Young with my copy life.

    As a copywriter, she never sacrifices sales over personality and always seems to nail my voice as she goes.

    It's tough as a copywriter to admit you need to hire a copywriter but I always feel better knowing I have Laura on my team.

    Not only does she deliver copy that converts like gangbusters but she's a DREAM to work with and knows how to create a 5-star customer service experience... which we all know is hard to get these days. Hire Laura before her dance card fills up forever.

    rosemin, FOUNDER, rr&co. luxury consultancy and luxury goods influencer, @Roseminsworld

    I brought Laura on because I knew I could trust her to work with the best in the business.

    She's whip smart, a talented writer and a savvy marketer.

    She's come up through the demanding world of luxury fashion - there's no better primer for delivering results at the highest level.

    Petal modeste, host of parenting for the future  & Associate Dean of Professional Advancement, Graduate Degree Programs and Executive Education at Columbia Law School

    I engaged Laura when I realized I needed a copywriter to help me update my web copy and a press kit for my podcast Parenting for the Future.

    Working with Laura has been an absolute pleasure and I will not hesitate to engage her again. Laura is the consummate professional. She took the time to understand me and my vision for the podcast and translated it into copy that will no doubt capture my audience and open the door to further opportunities for growth.

     Throughout our work together, she anticipated my needs, provided strategic advice based on current market trends and went far above and beyond what was expected of her. I recommend Laura to you without hesitation. She possesses an impressive skill set, deep knowledge and extensive experience as a copywriter and you will also find in her, a wonderful thought partner. 

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    Did you know that companies with blogs produce an average of 67% more leads monthly and get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don’t. Plus, all that stress around content creation for your social media platforms? One blog post = 10 social posts. I show you how!

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