Health and wellness case study by Laura Gatsos Young


Children’s skincare brand KidCream partnered with to take its business online. Both KidCream and Wellspot benefitted from the partnership, with KidCream achieving the following KPIs:
– 98% sell-through
– Acquisition of new customers
– 42% increase in engagement across 5 key social media platforms


KidCream Founder Amanda Fisher started her business in 2000 to develop a line of skincare products for babies and children that contained no artificial fragrances, artificial preservatives, antibacterial chemicals, phthalates, parabens or harsh sulphates. Recognizing a gap in the market, Fisher started consulting with dermatologists and herbalists to find effective formulations that didn’t sacrifice on quality or those sweet smells synonymous with cherished newborn memories.

After reviewing evidence-backed research and tinkering with herbal combinations, Fisher’s first small offering of products, including diaper rash cream and face balm, quickly gained a loyal following of fellow parents in search of safe, all-natural yet effective skincare. Although KidCream products are priced slightly higher than non-organic goods, buyers recognized its value and Fisher began selling to local shops in key markets.


After years of selling to small boutiques in Canada, Fisher was keen to take her business online without incurring the cost of setting up an e-commerce website. She was determined to service an international customer from a single point of purchase and recognized that she needed a retail partner capable of providing logistical and operational support, as well as an elevated point of purchase, international distribution, customer service, and marketing support.


After meeting with several e-commerce sites, she found her answer in Wellspot (, Canada’s premier wellness destination founded in 2000 by Daisy and John Smith.
Recognizing the value of Fisher’s products and looking to fill a void in their baby and kid’s skincare offering, Wellspot welcomed Fisher’s line into an impressive category of natural skincare companies.


From an operations standpoint, Wellspot offered Fisher a digital storefront, two centralized warehouses to stock goods, an international distribution channel, a built-in e-commerce team that would relieve the stress of managing a hefty and expensive platform, and a world-class customer service team.

The Wellspot landing page is designed like a magazine, featuring trend stories, How-To articles, expert advice, and interactive multi-media features that link to product pages. The static dashboard at the top of the page is divided into categories including Baby & Kids, Food & Fitness, Vitamins & Supplements, Beauty & Skincare, Ask an Expert, and Blog.

All merchandise is organized by category so when a visitor is looking for diaper cream, they are presented with product pages of every diaper cream available on the site. Once an item is selected, product specs are noted alongside a product image. An “About the Brand” sidebar gives a brief introduction to the line and suggests other products for the customer to consider purchasing.

“Wellspot’s approach to merchandising afforded me the increased exposure that I needed for my products,” Fisher noted. “Being featured alongside other established all-natural brands helped solidify my brand in the wellness space.”

Warehouse and Distribution
At present, Wellspot ships to 23 countries guaranteeing next day delivery to most regions and same-day delivery in select cities. Shipping directly from warehouses in Toronto, ON, and New Jersey, NY, Wellspot offers Fisher two secure locations to store her merchandise.
“As a small business owner, I’d rather invest in research and development than pay for staffing a warehouse,” says Fisher. “With Wellspot, I am confident that my stock is stored safely, and their efficient team will process my client’s orders quickly.”

Wellspot is a leader in digital innovation in the retail sector, reaching its clients with unique and engaging forms of marketing. Fisher took advantage of the opportunity for inclusion on Wellspot’s social media channels, which reach a cumulative audience of over 6 million people monthly. KidCream was introduced to current Wellspot clients through direct marketing emails and Wellspot’s in-house PR team set up interviews for Fisher with affiliate parenting and wellness blogger in North America.

Customer Service
Recipient of the Customer Excellence Award at the Online Retail Awards in 2015, Wellspot is a world-class provider of customer service. Agents are available 12 hours a day by phone or live chat for assistance, returns, shipping updates, and all other customer inquiries.


Amanda Fisher began selling her all-natural skincare line KidCream on in September 2010. To her amazement, the diaper cream and face balm sold out within the first month. KidCream has an average 98% sell-through rate on the site. In addition to the increase in sales for her company, she saw customer demand for additional products, resulting in purchase orders for the body lotion and mineral sunscreen lotion.

In addition to exceeding her sales plan, Fisher benefitted from increased brand equity, realizing a 4-point gain in the first year of the partnership, according to a survey executed by the research firm Qualtrics.

“I worked so hard on building my brand and I knew that with the right partner, my goal of reaching an international client could be realized,” says Fisher. “Wellspot provided the back and front-end support I needed to build my business into the leading all-natural skincare brand it is today.”, Toronto, Canada

*Please note the company names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

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