Learn How to Think to Succeed

learn how to think to succeed by digital content writer laura gatsos young
Digital content writer Laura Gatsos Young on how she had to learn how to think to succeed and the personal and professional results that followed.

Have you been all inside your head lately? To be honest, up until I adopted some new ways of thinking, I felt like my head was going to explode. I had to learn how to think to succeed or else, failure was on the horizon.

There is so much information to act on, so many peers working in the same space, so many expectations, and anxiety-inducing thoughts swirling around my mind. Sometimes I just want to crawl into bed with an old Dominick Dunne book.

Obviously, this is not ideal for anyone who also has a business, goals and dreams to realize. I knew I had to get out of these destructive thought patterns, so I did some research. As a result, I’ve adopted three strategies to train myself to think differently.

I’m so excited to share them with you because they have led to many successes, both personal and professional, and big and small.

With these new ways of thinking, the unnecessary pressure will disappear, which will free up that valuable space in your mind to create and thrive.


Does scrolling through your social media feed give you anxiety? Do you find yourself comparing your services, accomplishments and vanity metrics to your peers? This is destructive thinking on so many levels and a thought-process that I’ve learned to keep at bay.

Instead I’ve chosen to adopt an abundance mindset. A person with an abundance mindset focuses on the limitless opportunities available in business and life. They choose to focus on the positive things rather than the negative stuff. They report feeling more grateful, more creative and less of the dreaded “imposter syndrome”.

And the most important thing? They don’t look at their peers as the competition but as a source of inspiration and support.

If you work in a creative industry, you know how many people are working in the same space. That will never change. The key is to believe that although they may also be writers, they’ll never write a sentence, express a thought or touch their audience in the same way you do.

Adopting the abundance mindset will improve your confidence and enable you to build relationships with like-minded people you can learn from and share your knowledge with.

This way of thinking was huge for me. Let’s face it, there will always be entrepreneurs with more experience, more followers, more partnerships, etc., but it will do me absolutely no good to shrink back into the shadows. And it won’t do you any good either.


Are you ready to launch your business? What a loaded question, right? And if we’re being honest, no one is jumping up and down, yelling “YES!” But the alternative is just not viable if you want to realize those goals.

The “I’m not ready” excuse can creep up long after you get over the hurdle of launching your business. I can attest to that. I was so hesitant to link my social accounts to my website – mainly this blog. I was scared to start marketing my business on social channels because I was insecure about how inexperienced I would look. Yes, I have many years behind me in writing, branding, and client work, but, if you looked at my blog page, it was painfully apparent that there were few posts.

I initially thought, I’ll wait to promote it until I have a library of content because then I will have the opportunity to keep people on my site longer, they’ll see I’m dedicated to posting often‘…

But in reality, these were just excuses. That ugly old F (fear) word is at the root of the thinking that you’re not ready. If you don’t ever start, you will never succeed.

Trust me: if you’re questioning whether the time is right, you got this. You just have to change your perspective.


Perspective is so powerful, and it’s one of the few things in life that we have total control over. You are empowered to view any situation the way you to choose. You can think to succeed or think to fail.

Here’s another personal story. I had two babies within two years with little downtime to recover from the first surgery. Subsequently, I did not train for two years – insane! Exercising was a big part of my life before the kids, so with ten pounds to lose, I committed to doing whatever form of movement I needed to do.

The problem? That turned out to be cardio.

The horror! I avoided cardio my whole life like the plague.

Add to this, as a work-from-home mom, often, the only time I could exercise was at 7:30 pm after the kids went down. Not a recipe for success.

It took a change of perspective for me to get on with it. Instead of dreading exercise at the end of a long day as an uncomfortable chore, I consciously began to think of it as the one thing that I would do for myself that day.

By changing the way I thought about it, online cardio classes have become a cherished part of “me time” and a point of pride because I overcame the challenge. Not to mention, it’s a great stress reliever and endorphin-booster.

The beauty of it is a change in perspective can be applied to all areas of life, especially business. As entrepreneurs, we will always face a bump in the road, a launch gone flat, an unanswered pitch; it’s how we view that challenge or failure that will determine its ultimate outcome.


I was so excited to write this post because adopting these three strategies has allowed me to think to succeed.

I no longer get that sick feeling in my stomach thinking about where I could or should be. Instead, I find motivation in the possibilities for my business. I am committed to perseverance and approach life with a positive attitude … most days!

It takes time to adopt this shift in thinking, but I promise it will help you navigate tough days as an entrepreneur.

Tell me below if you have a helpful tip to transform those negative thoughts into rocket fuel.

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