Why You Need to be Resourceful

Why You Need to be Resourceful laura gatsos young
Why You Need to be Resourceful laura gatsos young
Me, reenacting my reaction to my boss showing me up!

Confession: I have a very embarrassing story to tell about a situation early in my career. In retrospect, it was an absolute gift, but at the time, I felt about this small.

In this role, my team reported to the head office in New York. One day, the VP asked my boss to find out some information. She was overwhelmed with work as usual, so I was tasked with finding it out.

After looking for about 10 minutes, I returned to her desk and told her I couldn’t find anything. She put her Starbucks down, opened a Google tab and asked me to sit with her. The first search term she typed showed the same results. She then proceeded to type in ten or more search terms one after the other until she found the rabbit hole down which the information lived.

I’m not sure if I was more embarrassed that she actually found the info or tried harder to do it.

The lesson: be resourceful.

Different Words, Same Message

This anecdote has been on my mind lately because I’ve seen many motivational quotes and webinars where people talk about this very concept but in different ways.

You may have heard about Marie Forleo’s recent book called Everything Is Figureoutable. It’s a great book jam-packed with personal anecdotes and Marie’s advice on the importance of not giving up. In a nutshell, she suggests you be resourceful.

Famed personal and professional coach Tony Robbins preaches the importance of being resourceful, too. “It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness.” Harsh but true.

There are so many famous people whose success lies in the fact that they’re willing to go above and beyond the status quo. But it’s not just the famous who’ve figured it out.

Personal Anecdotes

The lesson I learned that day, sitting there red-faced with my lovely boss, was that there really isn’t a no, only options. I’ve carried this lesson throughout my career and into entrepreneurship, and it’s one of the reasons I started this blog – to share resources.

Another anecdote comes from one of my closest friends. He is a cancer survivor and one of the most determined and dedicated people I know.

He had a goal to work in the financial field, but the numbers never came easy. In fact, it was a struggle. Many people, like me, chose to lean into other industries that come more naturally to us.

Not him. He took the initiative to discover how his brain works, how he learns, and how he could find a way to teach himself the numbers. And this was during his health hardships. 

He learned he’s an auditory learner, which required that he record the lessons to teach himself.

He now has a great job in an industry he wants to be in and has the financial security he didn’t have growing up. In other words, his resourcefulness paid off.

So, it’s easy to say to be resourceful. I’ve compiled eight practical tips to adopt to increase your resourcefulness.

My Tips on How To Be Resourceful

  1. Go the extra mile

As per my personal example above, spend the extra time it takes to find the answer. 

2. Be open-minded

We are often taught one way to approach an objective or problem, but there are endless ways to accomplish your goals. You may need to take a chance on a new path, but it just might prove to be the way forward.

3. Be Proactive and ask for advice

If you can’t figure something out, ask. I wrote and designed my website myself. The writing came easy, but the tech left me pulling my hair out. So I spent half my days on chat with the WordPress team and learned a whole lot.

4. Seek out mentors

I check in with my mentors every day. I don’t know them, but they are my lifeline in my business because they’ve gone before me and have insight into most of my questions.

5. Look for free information if money is a roadblock to learning

There is so much valuable information out there, the problem becomes finding the time to consume it all. If you’re seeking answers, spend some time looking to leaders in the industry. They share so much knowledge for free.

6. Believe in yourself

This is BIG, especially for entrepreneurs because there are so many bumps on the road, competition, marketing demands, etc., it can become easy to throw your hands up and say “I can’t!” But believe that you can and you will.

7. Be persistent

This follows from the previous point, but persistence is tied to resourcefulness. A resourceful person is persistent in finding the resources they need to make life easier.

8. Have a positive attitude

Like believing in yourself, taking a positive attitude is so important to be a resourceful person. Negativity breeds inaction. As Robbins says, “The only thing keeping you from what you want is your story about why you can’t have it.” Right???

Just Keep Going

This is my personal mantra. If you follow me, you know I launched this business in chaos. It would have been easy to throw up my hands as I looked down at my stained clothes while I tried for the tenth time that day to post to Instagram with a baby in one arm and a toddler at my feet.

But I made it happen by leaning into my resourcefulness and my life has changed!

So, I challenge you to do the same in your personal life and business because it’s a quality that will serve you well.

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