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As a business owner operating in the online world, you know that a solid email marketing sales strategy is a MUST when it comes to selling.

There’s no better return on investment than your email list ($53 for every 1$ spent), which is bananas!

But so often, I see clients and other copywriters approaching sales in terms of a campaign. For example, you have a 10-13 email sales sequence to sell your new program. Email 1 screams, “Doors are open!” and then the subsequent emails entice them to buy with bonuses and address their objections, questions, etc. You know the drill.

But knowing that the rule of sales indicates that a customer needs at least 7 interactions with your product/service to buy, imagine what it would mean for your sales if you subtly hinted at or sparked some curiosity about what you’re selling long before email #1.

I call this leaving breadcrumbs, and my mentor Licia Morelli refers to it as a web, which I love.

Once the customer gets into your web, meaning they have seen and heard about your products, either directly or through mentions, they’re more likely to say yes.

And if they say yes once, the chances are they’ll say yes again. Past behavior predicts future behavior, as they say.

So how do you go about dropping breadcrumbs without bombarding people with sales messaging?

Here’s how.


Think about your business initiatives and goals for the coming months and get out ahead of them. I can’t tell you how many clients tell me they *meant* to send an email warming up their people to the sale, but they just didn’t get to it.

I can tell you this from working on many launches – both successful and unsuccessful – you’re cheating your clients and yourself out of a great product by not warming them up.

Always think about what you can do in the lead-up to the sale to strike up curiosity and interest.


One part of being strategic is planning ahead, for sure, but another component to think about is how you can weave the topic of your sale into your client-facing messaging.

Let’s say that you are a photographer about to launch your first course or group program about teaching photography. In your weekly emails to your list, you might want to talk about the new direction you’re taking or unique challenges you’re excited to overcome.

The language hints at something new coming up, but it doesn’t spell it out.

If you have an engaged reader, they’ll take note and wonder what’s happening! This is good. You’ve laid the groundwork to pepper in another detail in your next email.

Email #2 could talk about how you’ve learned a new skill and how excited you are about what it’s doing for your business. Emphasize the power of education and building upon your skills as a photographer.

You’re essentially using yourself to paint the picture of your future client (your reader) by telling them how your life has changed (the impact).

This tactic is a savvy way to drop some breadcrumbs that your reader will be dying to pick up.


Use your emails with personal revelations as a jumping-off point to test the waters. In the case of the photographer, she could ask her audience if they, too, are excited to take on something new. 

You can also ask them plainly if they want to be added to the notification list for when your new product drops, so they’ll be the first to know when you make your big announcement.

All of these subtle moves train the reader to look out for your emails to discover what you’re up to or what’s coming next.

The product may be for them; it may not, but you’ve done your job in capturing their attention and making sure they know can make an informed decision.


The most intelligent email marketing sales strategy you can take is the long game. The days of sending out an email with “Doors are open! Give me your moolah!” are done. People need more hand-holding; they demand more attention, and they deserve it. 

Show up for them in ways that anticipate their needs and don’t take their interest for granted, and you’ll find yourself seeing much better results over time.

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