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Newsletter Archive – September 21, 2023

Belong to Your Customer

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I'm an experienced conversion copywriter and marketer. Here I share what I've learned working with global luxury brands, founders and small business owners. Rallying cry: Belong to Your Customers.

I'm Laura
hey there

As a writer, the last place I ever want to be is in front of the camera.

In my PR days, I was more than happy to wear all black and settle into the background on red carpets and junkets. That’s why I find our social media world so jarring.

Recently, I was invited to share my ideas about how to belong to your customer as a business on The Standout Business Show podcast, and the episode just went live – listen or watch it here.

I love speaking with people, so I was all good to go … until the host, Brad Powell, told me it would be recorded live on LinkedIn. Cue the sheer TERROR.

If you find one of the most challenging parts of running a business is putting yourself out there, I’m with you!

But I believe in my message and know the impact it can have on businesses, so I persevered.

When you listen, you’ll learn how to connect with your audience so they engage more, buy more, and spread your message happily. I offer simple yet effective tactics you can implement right away to get to know your customers better and use that information to write copy

Brad also has an incredible service where he helps business owners become more visible with video content. Give him an hour, and he gives you a month’s (or more) video content.

Brad told me that less than 1% of LinkedIn members use video, meaning there’s a huge opportunity.

Baby steps for me.

Have a great week,


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