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I'm an experienced conversion copywriter and marketer. Here I share what I've learned working with global luxury brands, founders and small business owners. Rallying cry: Belong to Your Customers.

I'm Laura
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Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about Show Not Tell marketing.

Here’s what I mean: it’s no longer enough to tell your audience and your potential clients that you can solve their problems — now, you have to show them.

The best way I’ve seen to accomplish this is to show up live — whether in a webinar, masterclass, Q&A or sales call.

The magic happens when you show people you know your stuff.

As the year ends and clients are looking to inject a final shot of revenue into their businesses, they’ve been hiring me to write sales emails, which brings me to a point you might be surprised to hear me making — sales emails aren’t enough.

This is true for people who:

  • Have been following you for a long time
  • Understand they have a problem and are motivated to solve it
  • Know your offers because you’ve promoted them before

In all of the sales emails I’ve written for programs, courses and intensives that cost 1500+ or more, I’ve recommended my clients offer to get on a call.

And what’s happening?

People are taking them up on it and showing up for the calls.

The point is that while the market is tougher and demanding more of us, people still have problems to solve and desires to fill.

What’s required now is more hand-holding so they believe in themselves, in you and that your offer can help them specifically.

Yes, the emails were necessary to make people aware of the program, and they were captivating enough to lead the client to a sales conversation.

But the sales conversations allowed clients to demonstrate that they weren’t just looking for the sale or full of B.S. promises.

The calls showed the potential buyer that my clients understood their unique challenges and were able to demonstrate how they could support them specifically.

In my next email, I’ll share a different approach to writing sales emails that meet problem-aware / solution-aware clients where they are — and it’s not your traditional sales sequence.

Speak soon,

Laura xx

P.S. Recently, I talked to Insider about the power of building relationships inside of niche communities – > you can read it here. 

*credit to Lena West for the inspo.

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