Titles: Mom. Digital Content Writer. Blogger. Wife. Dog-Lover. Lover of a good longread.


Digital content writer laura gatsos young sits at her desk in her office where she writes digital content for her clients
Hi, I’m Laura

My business was born into absolute chaos. Not the best environment in which to launch a business, I know!

I left a lengthy career in Communications burnt out and determined that if I was going to work that hard, I would do it for myself.

But in addition to professional goals, I had personal ones, too. Cue the chaos.

Around the same time, I launched my digital content writing business, baby #1 arrived. My sweet son, Jack, also happened to be the fussiest baby in the neighbourhood, nevermind on the block. Then not even two years later, an even fussier one entered the picture. Two of them. One of me.

But despite the tough work of parenting, I was driven. I was determined. I had a plan that changed about a hundred times, but a plan nonetheless. I was going to turn my passion for writing into a business.

Not only would I write, but I’d use all of the marketing knowledge I’ve gained throughout my career to help female entrepreneurs realize their business goals. Many of which are the same as mine.

So I set about my plan, working into the night, stealing an hour here or there, fighting through major and minor setbacks, and sacrificing to make it happen.


Passions: Family. Writing. Brand building. Reading. Facials. Online courses. Floral arrangements. Table settings.

Daily ritual: I will not do a single thing until I’ve had two cups of classic drip coffee with cream – only ever with cream.

Favourite small indulgences: dark chocolate and fresh flowers on my desk and nightstand.

Favourite time of day: 7:30 pm when all is finally quiet and my husband and I sit and just be.

Signature smells: pure vanilla and Allure by Chanel.

Lifelong obsession: skincare, dating back to my early teens when I adopted Clinique’s three-step program courtesy of my great-aunt

Stress reliever: online 60-min cardio classes 4x week

Inspiration: female entrepreneurs doing the work, each and every day.


  1. Practice mindfulness – work in progress!
  2. Be the best version of myself I can be, while being kind to myself – also, work in progress!
  3. Help my clients and other writers achieve their goals.
  4. Create courses for content writers and entrepreneurs to share all the insight I’ve learned along the way.
  5. Be a part of a community of female entrepreneurs that lift each other up.


I work strategically and efficiently to deliver digital content that speaks to the wants, needs and pain points of my client’s target audience. That means before I write a single word, I put the time in to learn everything I can about my client’s unique voice, offerings and goals.

I am passionate about executing strategies, sharing stories, and realizing results. I love helping women entrepreneurs connect with their people through original, thought-provoking and entertaining content.

When you hire me, you can expect:

  • original and thoughtful content
  • well-researched, well-written content
  • a keen understanding of desired outcomes from the reader and the client reflected in the work
  • content written in your voice
  • Search Engine Optimized content
  • an elevated approach to client service
  • projects delivered on deadline and budget
  • a commitment to getting it exactly as you want it