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Laura Gatsos Young smiles at her desk in a photo on her blog about content writing and marketing tips.
Hey, I’m Laura!

Welcome to my blog!

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Laura, and I am behind the words of this blog. I’m so glad you’re here! Here are a few things you need to know: 1. I LOVE writing and sharing how to write effectively. 2. I’m obsessed with digital marketing. 3. I left the glitz and glam of the fashion world to find my professional purpose, which is to help fellow content writers, entrepreneurs and bloggers like me reach their goals.

So, on these pages, you’ll find actionable content writing and marketing tips and insights for busy entrepreneurs and bloggers. I’m here to serve, so I’m giving you the honest goods as to what has worked for my content writing business and what hasn’t.


woman checks her instagram engagement on iphone

How to Get the Right Engagement on Instagram

Are you struggling to get the right engagement on Instagram? Your posts might get some likes and a few one-liners in the comments, but so far, your hard work on IG isn’t moving the needle for your business at all! So, what gives? Check out the full post at

How to Create a Valuable Free Offer to Increase Subscribers

Do you agree that email address pop-ups are annoying without offering anything in return? We’ve all encountered them when browsing the internet, and most likely clicked away at the first opportunity. However, occasionally you’ve handed over the goods. Here’s why: the valuable free offer speaks to what you are looking to buy/achieve/learn about in yourContinue reading “How to Create a Valuable Free Offer to Increase Subscribers”

I’m not sure how you landed here, but you’ve discovered a growing resource library chock-full of content writing and marketing tips, a place to connect and a hub for entrepreneurs like me to learn, share ideas, and find inspiration!

If these topics speak to you, you’re in the right place:

  • content writing
  • digital marketing
  • building your following (social media, email lists, etc.)
  • public relations (how can I not?!)
  • entrepreneurship / mompreneurship

Are you interested in getting more traffic to your blog posts?

These posts will help you out:

Why You Need to be Using Pinterest for Your Business

Three Effective Marketing Strategies You Need to be Using

Three Proven Ways to Build Your Following

I have to admit …

When I started my content writing business, I felt overwhelmed. I sat in front of my laptop in a panic, thinking about how much work there was to do. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, sales funnels, email lists … the checklist seemed to go on forever.

Add to that the millions of pages of freelance writing advice and cue the information overload.

But eventually, I found a select group of female mentors who spoke to my hopes, fears and business goals.

I hope I can be one for you, too.

Let’s get it!

Laura xx

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