Five Star Sales Strategy

 The Five Star Sales Strategy is a proven sales and marketing process designed to maximize sales by putting your customer first.

what if you could have a proven sales & marketing strategy that generates sales now and for years to come?

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If you want to take your business to the next level, Laura is your secret weapon.


Not only is she detailed, thoughtful, and articulate, she brings many years of marketing experience to her clients. At Michael Kors, Laura worked on countless product launches with the sales team to create a communications plan in support of our big product pushes, met our sales goals and bolstered our reputation as the leader in jet set luxury. 

Are you going from launch to launch hoping for the best? 

Here’s what the world’s most successful brands know:
sales don’t happen by accident, they happen by design.

Hi, I’m Laura.

For over 18 years, I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, corporate brands and luxury goods retailers to sell their products, build their customer base and communicate their Big Promise.  

If you’ve been investing precious resources in fragmented marketing tactics that don’t get you results (or ROI), the Five Star Sales Strategy will give you a proven approach to build a sustainable, increasingly profitable company with loyal customers that become brand evangelists. 

In this 6-week engagement, I take the guesswork out of creating a strategic marketing plan by doing the research, planning and documentation so you can take the plan and run with it. 

And while you’ve likely heard a lot about marketing plans that sit and collect dust, your strategy will be different than your competitors because it will put your customers and your sales goals first -- and you'll have a roadmap to guide the way.

Because if you don’t have a sales and customer-driven strategy, you're likely experiencing these frustrations:

Failing to reach your sales targets consistently

Letting your marketing tactics drive your strategy and as a result, you're wasting time, energy and money  

Not nurturing brand evangelists eager to share your message

Seeing a customer retention rate that's lower than average and much lower than you’d like


Not earning customer loyalty over your competitors

Missing opportunities for your sales and marketing teams to share valuable information about your customers so you can optimize your efforts

Using a marketing plan that's not tied to your key products, promotions and sales goals, causing inefficiencies and missed opportunities across the company

If any of the above rings true for you, then it's time to adopt the same sales strategies as the world’s most sought-after brands.

Not 100% confident that you have an intimate understanding of your customer's wants, needs, emotions, pain points, drivers, and expectations -- The absolute essentials for developing offers, communicating with your clients through sales copy, and making sales

And while you may not have the same resources as the Michael Kors', Tom Ford’s and Christian Louboutin’s of the world (past clients), my proven process gives you the same strategic focus they’ve used to build their businesses. 

And you don't need a team of 25 or a 100-slide deck to execute on it.

So, if you’re ready to sell more, sell differently and sell strategically, without wondering how to do it, or wasting valuable resources on the wrong initiatives, then Five Star Sales is right for you.

A strategy designed to  maximize sales, earn customer loyalty over your competitors, and nurture brand evangelists now and in the long run.

the five star sales strategy


This is a proven approach I’ve developed based on over 18 years of experience working with global and luxury brands as a Marketing and Communications Director, and a Conversion Copywriter.

steal the proven strategy of the world's most in-demand brands






five star results

How does this sound?

have a detailed roadmap to follow so you never wonder what to do next

continue to build loyal, engaged customers because you've invested in learning about them and responded to their needs & wants

 see what marketing tactics work to support sales and how to change course if necessary

over time, you'll build a sustainable business that increases sales, builds customer loyalty, and establishes your brand as a leader in your industry

feel organized, confident and in control of your marketing efforts

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Customer Research

Big brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars (even millions) each year to understand everything humanly possible about their customers.

That’s exactly why we start with Voice of the Customer research to identify the demographic, and psychographic information about your customers. 

Through this lens, we also assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your sales and marketing.


Product & Promotion Plan

We’ll identify your product/service pushes for the year, as well as your core collections and offerings that need ongoing promotion.

We’ll assess whether you’re being productive with your focus and where you’ve got hidden potential. 

Your Big Brand Promise

Every luxury retailer has one thing in common — they have a big promise and they deliver on it at every customer touch point.

We’ll look at your Big Promise and identify where in your sales strategy you can maximize its power. 

Customer Journey Map

Next, we’ll look at how your customers buy from you, what they buy, and how this fits your sales plans for the next year and beyond.

From this, you’ll understand how to best promote your products, when to promote them, and what marketing tactics from email to social media you should be using along the way. 

Before we meet, I’ll send a discovery questionnaire to learn about your brand, your competitors and your current sales and marketing strategy so we can hit the ground running when we meet. 

week #1 

We’ll have a 2-hour call to cover everything in detail and I’ll gather all the information I require.

week #2

I'll design and provide you with a Voice of Customer survey to gather pertinent information from the most important people in your business - your customers!

week #3

How it works

This is a six-week engagement where I gather information from you and your team about your business, your sales goals, and marketing objectives. Then, I deliver a detailed plan ready to execute.

I will conduct the research, analysis and strategic recommendations in a follow up report including: 
  • Customer and Market Research 
  • Product and Promotion Plan
  • Big Brand Promise
  • Customer Journey Map

week #4-#5

1-hour call to review findings and answer any questions you may have on how to execute.  

week #6

Voxer and email support for the duration of the engagement (6 weeks).

weeks #1-6

- seth godin

Your tactics can make a difference, but your strategy -- your commitment to a way of being and a story to be told and a promise to be made -- can change everything.

Laura not only helped us triple our sales goals, she gives me peace of mind.

I don't fret about the marketing, which allows me the opportunity to spend my energy on my next steps. 

Her work is so complimentary to my brand. I'm confident in the way I'm presenting my business to the world.

- Karen McCall, Founder of the Financial Recovery Institute and MONEYGRIT

Laura is, simply put, a class act.

She shows a real passion for her work and I'm always impressed by Laura's work ethic, positive attitude and drive for excellence.

I hope I am lucky enough to work with her again in future.

-- Danielle Restivo, Head of Communications, EMEA, GOOGLE CLOUD

I brought Laura on because I knew I could trust her to work with the best in the business.

She's whip smart, a talented writer and a savvy marketer.

She's come up through the demanding world of luxury fashion - there's no better primer for delivering results at the highest level.



Forbes reports that companies that use tools like customer journey maps reduce their cost of service by 15-20%.

According to SalesForce, 84% of marketers say they adapt marketing strategy and tactics based on customer behaviour and feedback.

In an increasingly competitive market, having a strategic marketing plan is a must

The Content Marketing Institute reports that 62% of the top performers have a documented marketing strategy and just 11% do not.

Did you know?




Identify what products/services to market, when and how, so you have a clear roadmap to follow for execution 

Have customer data, including
psychographic and Voice of Customer, to use in all your marketing, including your sales copy

Nail down your Big Brand Promise and learn how to maximize its power in your strategy, while differentiating your brand from competitors

Understand how your customers buy from you, so you can confidently promote your products and allocate valuable resources on the right marketing tactics

Feel less overwhelmed, discouraged or unsure about how to educate and motivate the market about your products and services

Have a clear actionable plan in place to build brand evangelists and take things to the next level

So, if you're ready to...

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let's talk about how we can work together

As an experienced marketer and conversion copywriter, I've worked with organizations who know that the key to success is strategy.


The most important business practice all successful companies follow is to put the sales goals and the customer at the heart of their marketing strategy. 

So often marketing and sales operate as separate functions of a business, when in reality, one can't survive without the other. And when marketing isn't aligned with sales, the entire company suffers.

In working 1:1 with business owners and brands every day, I saw that this lack of alignment was causing them to lose customers, sales and opportunities to make something more meaningful of their business. 

Drawing on my extensive experience with global brands and working collaboratively across divisions of luxury retailers, I've developed a streamlined process and roadmap that prioritizes what matters most in your business.

I also provide sound marketing tactics you can execute to support your overall strategy and sales goals based on your team size and financial resources.

That's where The Five Star Sales Strategy comes in. 

My mission is to bring passion, integrity and expertise to everything I do. My background in the luxury retail market solidified my commitment to unrivalled customer service. When you work with me, you can expect nothing short of 100% dedication to an exceptional client experience.



This      for you if:

You're an established business owner or CMO with a proven product(s)/service(s)

You are interested in a quick fix or instant cash injection

You don't have a clear sales plan that is supported by marketing and your results could use a boost

You don't have a proven product or customer base... yet!

You're ready to increase sales, create brand evangelists and become a recognized leader in your industry by taking a strategic approach to Sales & Marketing

It's probably         for you if...

You would like someone to execute the strategy for you



I would love to hear from you! Please email me at and I will respond within 1 business day.

have Questions?

Will I get a plan that I, or my team, can implement right away?

Yes! By the end of our engagement, you'll have action map that you can follow immediately to see results in your business. You'll also receive a detailed report outlining all the findings of the research, as well as a timeline for your Product and Promotion Plan, and the Customer Journey Map.
You will have also had the opportunity to ask questions or get clarification on the plan before and during implementation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the research portion necessary to put together a promotional plan?

Yes. Big brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to understand everything about their customers, competitors, and how their product will fare in the marketplace. Without the research, you cannot create or follow a proven strategy that puts your customer and sales at the centre. Without the research, you're spending resources and hoping for the best.

Do you execute the plan? Can I get additional support?

I give you and your team all they need to implement the plan, and the opportunity to get clarification or ask questions along the way via Voxer.

If you would like additional guidance beyond the six-week engagement or have copywriting needs, we can discuss how to best meet your needs with an additional package.